Friday, February 9, 2018

A Boy and His Dog

This quilt is quite possibly the fastest I have ever done a quilt from start to finish...  There were no hiccups in the quilt at all, which was nice!
I had three Peanuts patterns I still needed to make so I asked my FB friends which one I should do next and I may choose the popular vote.  This one won by a huuuuge landslide so I figured I should make it even though my brother tempted me with the most sincere quilt.
I found the sweet background fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I'd been ogling it for quite some time to use for the background of the quilt so I guess it was a good thing that they still carried it by the time I decided to sew the quilt.
I ended up giving this quilt to my aunt... her comment on the FB poll made me want to give it to her so once it was finished I boxed it up and mailed it to her- which caught her very, very surprised.  :)

The Great Pumpkin

This too was another pattern that was in the works for about a year.   Last fall when JoAnn's clearanced their fall prints I picked up a pumpkin fabric planning to use it for a Great Pumpkin quilt.   Fast forward a year and I still had not used the print... and then found a fun Peanuts fall print to use instead. 
Last month I finally completed the pattern and stitched away.  I still used the pumpkin print but used it for the pumpkin portion of the quilt.
I also became adventurous and decided to try a new freehand stitch- leaves and acorns.   It took me a while to get the feel of the leaves but by the end they were starting to consistently turn out well.
Isn't this the sincerest quilt you've ever seen?
I actually intended to use a lighter green for the leaves but I had some scrap green from another project and decided to be good and use up some scrap rather than purchase more fabric.  Sometimes I'm good.  Yesterday I was not.  heh.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

As some of you may recall I made a variation of this quilt a few years ago, but with that one I did the original colors as well as made the finished strip size two inches.
Since I've done that I've been itching for a reason to do a colorized version of the quilt and decided that my brother's upcoming baby would be the perfect recipient.  Now, he and his wife are being awesome in not finding out the gender (I am being serious; I like not knowing until the baby is born) so it did make it a little interesting in deciding on whether or not to do this quilt... I mean, Kirby is a boy... but he is pink... ya know... so... whatever!   I had a cool spacey, dreamy print on had that I felt was perfect for this quilt as well as felt as the deep purple did not make the quilt have a decidedly girly feel.  Now, I could have bought the fabric in blue, but I really am trying hard to just use the fabric that I have on hand so that I don't have nearly so much in my stash.
Now I have to wait for the gifting to reveal the quilt to them... but isn't it a beaut?
The finished size is 48x58 so a tad large for a tiny baby but large enough to be used all the way through adult years- plus it is the right size for a toddler bed! Sounds like a three win situation to me!
I would really like to colorize some more from the NES Kirby, but priorities. :(
Edited: Apparently I've never posted a photo on the blog about the other Sleep quilt.  I'll have to post about that one some day.

Strawberry Shortcake

This quilt was on my bucket list for quite a while.   I had found a vintage Strawberry Shortcake print at Hobby Lobby and purchased half a yard with the intent of making a SSC quilt for a friend.
Fast forward ten months and I sat down and began to draw the quilt in a graph.   It took quite a while to get the design to look enough like SSC that she would be recognizable.   I showed my husband the first few renditions and after hearing who it was supposed to be he would reply, "If you say so."  Discouraging, that's what.
Finally, I finished the pattern and then loaded it in the Sprite Quilter program my husband wrote and learned that I needed a yard of background fabric.  I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase another half yard of the SSC fabric but alas they were out. :(   I couldn't even find the fabric online.
I ended up finding a true vintage print on eBay and used that for the background and then created a strawberry block for the back. I had juuuuuust enough fabric for that!
You can purchase the pattern here or if you would like to custom order it contact me on etsy.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

My mother found this fabric and called me to see if I wanted it.  After hearing her description I told her, "Definitely!"   I could already see this one in my head!
I got a little crazy and decided to do a chevron border... which took about twice as long to make as good ol' Charlie.  Yeah, twice as long.  AHHH!   Maybe should have had my head examined when I thought it would look awesome.
However, it did turn out pretty cool and there is something else I must confess; the blocks were supposed to be a finished size of three inches and they ended up being a 2 and 5/8 finished size... so apparently my math needs a bit more work to get the size right.   That's what I get for trying to be conservative on the fabric usage and make the blocks the exact (ha ha) size instead of making them a bit larger than necessary and trimming them down. 
Math and I never have gotten along too well. 
I decided to be a bit modern with the back and made a chevron going across the back.  This chevron I made the intended size so I suppose I do sometimes learn from my mistakes.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Snoopy Dance

Who doesn't love it when Snoopy kicks up his heels and dances?
This quilt was a pure joy to make- it was very fast and sooo much fun seeing the pixels slowly turn into an image.   I  was a little concerned that the feet motion would not translate well but it turned out very well!
I entered this quilt in both the local and state fairs.  Unfortunately by itself it did not win a ribbon but it did win in a special category- The Most Humorous Quilt.    Snoopy is just that irresistible!
The ribbon for the Most Humorous quilt was about as quirky as the Snoopy quilt!
The finished size of this quilt is 44x58.
If you ever see a quilt on the blog that you'd like to have made hop on over to my esty page and send me a message.  I can do Peanuts quilts as well as video game pixel quilts.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Eggggs! Egggs! Exterminate!

Back in the day of the classic Doctor Who Daleks weren't too scary.   I mean, all one had to do was go up a few flights of steps and hide around the corner and one was safe.   Daleks couldn't climb stairs.    Apparently the writers realized this and the new generation of Daleks can now fly.   Look out, you're about to be exterminated!
  Growing up my mother and older brothers would talk about Doctor Who and the Daleks.   By the time I came around and was old enough to watch it it was no longer on tv- or at least not available via bunny ears.   One day we discovered the library had a few vhs tapes (I feel as though I'm dating myself a bit...) and we checked them out.    I remember giggling when I saw the first episode with a Dalek in it and wondered how on earth it could be sooooooo terrifying!  That being said, the new and improved Daleks are definitely terrifying.
  I'd already made a bed quilt for my mother but also really wanted to make her a lap quilt for when she watched movies.     I wanted to create something unique and after seeing the large amount of Doctor Who fabric that was available I decided to create a Dalek.    That meant opening paint and drawing away... and a lot of erasing... and reworking, and "WHOA!  Jump back Loretta! That is *way* too large for a lap quilt!"   Finally I arrived upon this and it turned out really well- except for the one pixel I apparently grabbed the wrong 1.5" square and didn't realize it until I had the quilt pinned and ready for free motion quilting.   I left it there.  It made it even more unique.
 This pattern is available for sale at here.   The finished size is 50x50.   The pattern is mostly 1.5 strips with quite a number 1.5x1.5 blocks.    The pattern works left to right so if there are 10 black pixels in a row that means one will use a 10.5x1.5 strip instead of using ten 1.5x1.5 squares.  One would want a sonic screwdriver for that!     The background has a few large chunks to save on time, fabric, and thread.  It also really helps the the background pattern to stand out.