Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby Yoshi

About a year ago I saw an awesome Yoshi blanket on Quiltoni's blog.    I made the mental note to remember it as it would make a perfect baby quilt.  
Normally I use pre-existing sprites when I make video game quilts, but Quiltoni had actually written this pattern herself. Talented, eh?     So I sat down and looked at her finished quilt and in a grid drew the pattern in   Once finished I plugged the pattern into the software my husband wrote for me and viola!  I had all the measurements and amount of fabric to purchase.
I've wanted to make a quilt using mostly Batik's and decided that this quilt was the perfect quilt to do so.    I'm very glad that I made this decision as the colors all came together so well!   Yoshi is so cute!
I wanted to give the quilt a bit more of a tropical feel so I taught myself how to do a free-motion feather stitch.   It took a while to get it to be somewhat consistent, but the effort paid off!
  For the backing snuggle bubble fabric was used making Yoshi even more cuddly!   Now not to wear out the blanket before the baby comes!

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