Thursday, June 25, 2015

8-bit Paintings

Another geekery craft that I love to do- especially if I need a break from quilting- is pixel painting. I've always wished I could paint as it looks so fun but I'm not that great of a drawer. Creating pixel paintings has been a lot of fun for me as it makes me feel as though I can paint... and I probably really can't paint that well. I just paint and call it good. I'm sure someone who knew what they were doing would see lots of errors, but that's okay. This is for fun!
The first painting I wanted to give a whirl was Mario in the sock as Mario is so cute in it! The only thing cuter than Mario in a sock is Tanuki Mario.
I created this Zelda scene to go with the Zelda quilt that I made for my brother.
Kirby is one of my favorite Nintendo characters. He's so cute too and a lot of fun when playing Smash Bros.

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