Monday, April 22, 2013


Cards by Lazzie began in 2007 as a way for me to use my photographs as something more than wall adornments.    I began doing a matte photo, but that was fairly costly and within a few months I began doing a glossy photo card which was much cheaper.
A local hardware store was willing to let me sell my cards on their counter top and do an honor system.  I sold some cards that way, but not many.    Later in the fall I went to a local consignment/antique store and mooched off of my mother's shelf and displayed my cards in a small basket.

The sales weren't too bad, not many, but enough to keep me going.    It wasn't until 2010 that a lady gave me an extra card rack to use and once I moved my cards to that the cards began to move much more quickly.
Around that time I also began crafting a new card known as a stitchery card.   A friend let me borrow a few of her patterns to see if I enjoyed making the cards and I quickly became hooked and purchased patterns from Stitching Cards.
These cards sold incredulously well and there are still some patterns I have a hard time keeping in stock!
At the beginning of this year my friend Vanja got me hooked on watercolored cards and I must say it's even more fun than the other two types of cards that I'd previously tried.   There are just so many more possibilities with this type of card!

Doing watercolored cards is really quite simple.  All one needs is either rubber stamps or digital stamps, watercolor pencils, and watercolor paper and one is set for many hours of happy coloring.
Some wonderful places to find stamps on-line are Whimsy Stamps, Wee Stamps, and Elisabeth Bell. Be sure to do a google search as there are many wonderful stamp sites on the web. These three happen to be my favorite. :)

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